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Company Profile

Jiangxi Central Asia Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production, sales, service in one of the national high-tech enterprises, but also Jiangxi Province has the most development scale, the most competitive raincoat cloth (film) manufacturers. The company is located in Dongsheng Industrial Park, Dongxiang District, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province, covering an area of 167 mu, a construction area of more than 70000 square meters, and a total investment of nearly 200 million yuan. There are more than 230 employees, 36 senior technical R & D personnel, more than 180 junior technicians, more than 180 skilled workers; the company's production equipment and testing equipment are the latest imported domestic and foreign flow equipment. The company has PVC high-grade raincoat cloth, Oxford cloth, luggage fabric, apron fabric; PVC high-grade raincoat film, packaging film, handbag film, shoes and so on. Products of high quality, good handle, tensile resistance, and the style, environmental protection, odorless, all use of "high-tech waterproof" technology and comprehensive introduction of IS09001: 2008 quality management system, strictly adhere to the "eight Declaration of Product quality," Ensure the quality and practicality of each product; The introduction of IS014001: 2004 environmental management system enhances the enterprise's environmental awareness, management ability and safeguard measures, so as to improve the environmental quality of our enterprises. Our company also introduces the safety management system, is the safety production standard enterprise, also is the Fuzhou city safe production association member unit, in order to realize the enterprise safety, the efficient operation has made the guarantee.
The company has a number of high-tech product development team personnel, the team focused on product development and innovation, since the national high-tech enterprises in 2016, in 2017, 8 products won national patents. Among them, 2 new products won the third prize of excellent new products at provincial level, 10 products obtained national patent in 2018, and PVC compound knitted cloth and PVC composite colored Ding cloth obtained the new product certificate of Jiangxi province. The development of new products, for the company to create economic benefits, at the same time, social benefits are also significantly increased. The company's products are mainly used in raincoat rain umbrella industry, luggage and handbags industry, packaging toy industry, advertising shoes industry, waterproof clothing industry, etc., the best-selling domestic market and Southeast Asia market, is favored by the majority of customers, has a wide range of reputation and popularity. According to the development strategic plan formulated by the board of directors, the two brands "Njia raincoat cloth" and "Enxing raincoat film" have been pushed to the international and domestic markets in an all-round way in three years, and strive to realize the first brand and the well-known brand at home and abroad. The company set up nine major departments: brand Trade Department, Technology Research and Development Department, production and Manufacturing Department, quality Inspection Department, after-sales Service Department, Storage and Transportation Department, Raw material Purchasing Department, Human Resources Department, Financial Supervision Department, and Comprehensive Office, with reasonable organization. Suitable for immediate needs. The company insists on taking quality, benefit and efficiency as the center, giving full play to the unique advantages of craft and equipment, waterproof technology and enterprise brand, strengthening production management, promoting system cost reduction, deepening performance appraisal, and strengthening brand building. United in the board of directors around, constantly improve the core competitiveness, in order to achieve the two major goals and strive for the full!