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Li Xinde, chairman of science and technology in Central Asia

Distinguished leaders, partners and employees:
The Spring Festival is coming. On this occasion, on behalf of the board of directors of the company, I would like to extend to you, on behalf of the board of directors of the company, our best wishes and sincere greetings to the leaders who have always been concerned about and supporting the development of Central Asia and to all the partners, staff and family members who have been working together for win-win cooperation with Central Asia.       
In 2019, we watered the harvest with sweat and made sure to move forward with practice. In the steady development of "innovation, high quality, safety, efficiency, excellent environment and tree image", the total industrial output value of the company has increased at a rate of 25% on the basis of 2018. In terms of innovation, this year, the company has completed six practical new product research and development, so far a total of 24 practical new products have been developed and patented: declare that "national high-tech enterprises" have been identified again, declare "potential dumbbell enterprise project", "specialized special new project", "science loan communication project" and other projects. In the high quality, the company pays close attention to the product quality, pays attention to the detail process, obtains the general customer praise. The company has made great progress in promoting the "Enjiayuan" raincoat cloth series and "Enxing" raincoat film series products. In early November, it made good achievements in participating in the international trade fair held in Guangzhou. At the meeting, it showed the company's products to the world and received good evaluation from international friends. In ensuring safety, we put safety in the first place, attach importance to pre-service training, August September, the company used production off-season time, concentrated on a few training, all employees conscientiously learn the theoretical knowledge of production safety, trained staff post operation, on-site practice fire extinguishing and self-rescue methods. The company attaches importance to the ecological green factory area, has always been people-oriented, invested a lot of funds, used to control the high temperature, increase ventilation facilities, used to beautify the environment of the company only increased, improve the working environment, living environment; the image of the company in Dongxiang District and even the whole Fuzhou functional departments have played a good reputation.
In 2019, at the fourth fourth meeting of the Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Fuzhou, our company was appraised as the outstanding contributor for three years in a row. At the fourth five member Congress of Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Jiangxi Province, it was appraised as "the contribution of social responsibility" and won the honorary title of "outstanding contributor" of Zhejiang businessmen in Jiangxi Province. Helping the poor and helping the poor is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, and helping each other and supporting each other is the new trend of the times advocated by the society. The Central Asians carried forward the spirit of Central Asia and advocated the culture of Central Asia. On December 17, the company successfully held a donation activity to help workers with difficulties. The total amount of donations totaled nearly 15,000 yuan, all of which were donated to Yu Youxi, a special hardship case. Jiangxi Central Asia Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has contributed nearly 800000 yuan in public welfare since 2017, and only 150000 yuan in 2019 to college students, left-behind children, special hardship cases and public welfare undertakings.
In 2019, the most unforgettable thing was to solemnly celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. We all applaud the brilliant achievements of the Republic over the past 70 years. General Secretary Xi's powerful speech at the 70th anniversary meeting of the National Day cheered our entrepreneurial spirit and doubled our confidence. As entrepreneurs, we should practice the historical mission of entrepreneurs in the new era with wisdom and sweat, do not forget the original heart of starting a business, "roll up the sleeves and work hard", strengthen and expand the enterprise, and continue to struggle on the journey of entrepreneurial innovation in the new era.
Let us cherish the present in 2020, in the new year, the company will continue to insist on "winning in stability, continuous innovation." Strive to break through the general policy of development, go all out to do a good job in brand: adhere to the concept of innovation, product quality, management, thought, work, create the characteristics of Central Asia: vigorously introduce practical talents: strengthen team building, give full play to team spirit, tamp team cohesion, continue to carry forward the spirit of Central Asia: strengthen the construction of corporate culture, strengthen the future development of Central Asia, strengthen confidence, grasp the initiative, With a pragmatic attitude, full of enthusiasm, hand in hand to create a better tomorrow. We will vigorously advocate positive energy, oppose evil ways, break the idea of colluding with each other, vigorously carry forward the spirit of model workers and craftsmen, bear in mind our responsibilities and mission, be loyal to our duties and work diligently, contribute our own strength to the development of science and technology in Central Asia, and never fail to live up to the trust and trust of the board of directors.
In the face of today's era, Central Asian science and technology shoulders the important task of the times, on the road of development, we will build Central Asian science and technology into two major goals of domestic industry leading enterprises and international first brand with more lofty fighting spirit and more bold passion, and strive hard to realize the two dreams of Central Asian science and technology, that is, the dream of employees and the dream of Central Asia.
Let us strive day and night, dream as a horse, do not live up to time, together to meet the full of hope and challenges in 2020. I wish you a happy Spring Festival, good health, happy family and all the best!
    (note: "take dreams as horses, live up to Shaohua" here means: dream of employees, dream of Central Asia as the direction and motive force to move forward, live up to good times and good years)